If you know, what is Vachana and Lingayat religion, Navigate the following
links for Vachanas written by respective authors. Otherwise, please read brief Introduction which follows. Basavanna


Lord Basavanna founded the Lingayat religion during 12th Century.
Lingayat religion is a non-revealed and exclusive monotheistic religion. Here, non-revealed means, Basavanna never claimed he had receieved direct or indirect message from the God. Instead, he puts forwords his philosophy about the God.

Also, Lord Basavanna preached “Exclusive monotheism”, where,
Lingayat religion has only one God, who is creator, and there is
no place for angels, demigods, prophets, god-man or god-women…

Lord Basavanna and other followers who lived with him had written
Vachana. Vachana means, “truthful speech”, are the short poems
written in Kannada. Vachanas define the psycological, ethical,
spirutual, philosophical aspects of Lingayat religion.

Vachana Sahitya (Liturature of Vachana) is the only official
religious scripture of Lingayat religion. All these vachana
were written in 12th century only. However, there are many
corrupted Vachana had beed added in the name of Basavanna and others.
These corruptions were the deliberate attempts to corrupt the Lingayat religion.
It is possible to identify such corruptions by language/grammer
analysis and also by alalysing the meaning of Vachanas.